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Aus  1800 241 733

NZ    0800 241 733

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Video Assist

Use video to quickly overcome

gate problems.

Video Assist removes the frustration long phone calls to fix gate automation issues.

With video, our tech team can see exactly what you're experiencing which helps them see exactly what the issue may be.


How does it work?

Simply video the trouble you're experiencing, plus the actions you've done to correct it. Talk us through it while you're recording. Then upload it using Streamable.

We can see it instantly, so call us after the upload it.

If it's not urgent, we can book a time to be available to be on the phone with you when you're on site.



  1. Record a video.

  2. Go to Streamable website (or click link below)

  3. Upload your video. Copy the link

   4. Send the Streamable link via Email Assist

Email Assist


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