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Gate isn’t opening/closing correctly?

Perform the reset procedure “Set Gate Limits” video on tech videos & manuals or refer to the manual.

Gate opens but won’t close?

The most common cause is Photocell safety beams not operating correctly. Check for obstructions and photocells are clean.

Check units are properly aligned. Watch ‘Install Photocells’ video on tech videos & manuals page or refer to the manual.

Perform the “Recognition of Connected Devices” (7.3) process by pushing and holding the P2 button until the corresponding LED starts to flash. Once the LED begins flashing release the button. If this is not successful,
try removing the blue ECSBus terminal and repeat the process with the Photocells no longer connected. If the gate operates without the Photocells in the system, they may be damaged and need replacement.

Remote doesn’t operate gate?

Depending on the age of the remote the batteries may have enough voltage to light the LED, but not enough to transmit a signal.

Reconnect the remote to control board or (receiver). See the ‘Connect a Remote’ video on tech videos & manuals page or refer to the manual.

Can I connect my remote to more than one automation?

Yes. In order to operate more than one device (eg:- two different gates or gate and garage door) the remote must
be programmed in Mode-2. To program the remote watch the ‘Connect a remote in Mode-2’ videos here
tech videos & manuals  page or refer to the manual.

Can I delete a lost remote from a motor?

Yes. If a remote (transmitter) is lost or stolen it can be deleted without being present.

First perform a ”Global” deletion to remove ALL the learned transmitters (remotes connected to your motor). See owners Manual or watch the 'Delete a remote' video here tech videos & manuals

Can I delete a single remote without deleting the others?

Yes. Refer to owner’s manual or see ‘Delete a Remote’
video here
tech videos & manuals

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